Letter from, Dream, the DLGWA President

Deep Love Great Work Association, is a community and subscription-based newsletter/podcast/community (founded by Dream (Silas) Omans) focused on helping women foster profound love (and do their life's greatest work).

DLGWA stands as a dedicated love and entrepreneurship media and consulting platform, offering a nurturing environment, enriching content, and valuable resources tailored to the needs of our members.

Our aim is to empower members in fostering deep, meaningful love in their lives while answering the call to engage in purposeful work that calls and propels them forward.

The Origin Story of the Deep Love Great Work Association

As the president of Deep Love Great Work Association, I began on my journey as a love coach for women, captivated by the intricate dance of human connection and the profound depths that love could forge between two people. Through those coaching years, I identified the gaps, the missing pieces in the puzzle of love. I yearned to connect those dots, weave threads of understanding for lovers affected by a distorted world.

And so, I delved into the complex realms of love and union, learning as I served...

My love coaching business compelled me to acquire new and vital skills—copywriting, marketing, lead generation, content creation—and above all, effectively conveying my embodiment via my messaging and embracing the work that resonated most deeply with me.

But the true miracle?

I came to realize that both the pursuit of deep love and my entrepreneurial endeavors were guiding me towards self-actualization. The path, often exposing, uncomfortable, and painful, yet...

So profoundly rewarding and worthwhile. I soon became consumed by the desire to document and share my lessons, breakthroughs, progress, failures, successes, insights, and epiphanies surrounding my love life and entrepreneurial ventures.

Love, work, passion—these elements interwove seamlessly.

As I continued to evolve, one thing became crystal clear: the container of my love coaching business was too confining for the blazing passion I held for entrepreneurship.

After numerous pivots and recalibrations, I made the decision to dissolve my love coaching business as it was. In the end, it didn't allow me to articulate my ever-growing affinity for entrepreneurship, nor did it permit me to operate within my "unique ability" or zone of genius, as it is often referred to.

I understood I was being called towards something more expansive and all-encompassing.

And so, I opted to create a personal brand where I could openly explore nuanced and complex topics of deep love and entrepreneurship on my personal brand blog.

This felt like a step in the right direction, yet it lacked the communal aspect I longed for.

Merely selling digital products, coaching services, hosting two-day workshops, and writing countless blog posts proved insufficient... despite having accomplished all that and more.

My aspiration was to craft a living, breathing art and service that would profoundly benefit and resonate with a specific type of woman—one who yearns to experience deep romantic love in their life while wholeheartedly engaging in the great work she is destined for.

I wanted to connect with and serve the entrepreneur, the artist, and the lover.

I craved connection with these multi-dimentional women, sharing dreams, wisdom, and fostering the forward momentum of passion, invigorating lives alongside them. This is the calling I know can sustain me and serve the people I am here to support.

It is why the Deep Love Great Work Association came into existence.

It is a dynamic fusion of love and purpose, where we unveil the secrets of both, side by side.

And you... especially, you.

I am genuinely thrilled that you are here and I invite you to join us.

Welcome to a world where deep love and great work collide in the most extraordinary ways.

With everything I have,


President, Deep Love Great Work Association